(Cute little details that I love.)
This is an infographic aimed to educate people about a psychoactive substance called "BETEL NUT" that is right behind smoking and drinking in terms of popularity. But because it's mainly confined in the Asia-Pacific region, many people never even heard of it.

The layout of this piece is symmetrical. The nutcracker guy in the middle was symmetrically drawn using Adobe Illustrator who's holding a betel tree in his left hand, a betel nut in his mouth and a clock or plate in his right hand. The most important piece of health information was pasted on that plate to make an emphysis.

The rest of the information is divided into a left and right column. The left column mainly dealt with health risks related to people and the right highlights the demographics of actual users in Taiwan. The numbers look so daunting because the data came from 2002-2017 and also it included all people who were exposed to betel nut, even those that has quit.
(First version of the thumbnails.)
What was interesting was that my earliest thumbnail looks nothing like the final piece. There was serious incompatibility between the information presented and the graphics shown. So I just started everything over. With what we do, sometimes information outweighs aesthetical decisions.

Sacrifices are something you learn to make over time.​​​​​​​

Coming up with more thumbnails and layouts was easier than the first one because all the insets were already decided:
Also there's a Mandarin version just to test out how it looks in another language. The layout is still "pre-critique."
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