A petite project designed for their newest product at Japanese-Taiwanese hybrid "英慧國際文具". I received prototypes of the made-in-Japan product "抗菌勾勾手" before starting the design, and was surprised by how light-weight and versatile a little piece of plastic can be.

I used it to grab hold of handles on public transportations, press elevator buttons, open public doors (with ALL kinds of handles)... and hold my shopping bags together!

I felt like I suddenly grew another gloved hand and that image of an octopus hit, thus the background illustration of the multitasking molluscs in two color versions ▼
The fact that "抗菌勾勾手" is infused with Ag+ in its plastic body enhances its antibacterial abilities. And I was rest assured knowing that not only was I not in contact with any public surfaces when I'm out, but also the plastic itself does not allow microbes to adhere to it that easily. (Embrace my germaphobe self.)

Such a convenient and thoughtful thingy to carry around during the pandemic era. Here's what it looks like (can't help taking some photographs):
Check out more of their creative made-in-Japan (or Taiwan) products:

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